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How to find the best place to Crash

From Hotels to Hostels

Not to be taken lightly, finding a place to stay on your trip can be a daunting task.  The internet is full of options, but where to start?  How do you know you're getting the BEST deal? 


Well, we think you should start here, but that's just us. 

Anyhow, it can't hurt to read through some of our suggestions!

Step One

Do Your Homework..

Sorry Charlie, there is no magic pill, or magic blog for that matter that is going to get you a free stay in Paris. 


Doing a little research is going to be paramount in finding good deals.  BUT keep reading here for the Cliff notes version... And for heavens sake read the guides from people that have been there! 

Step Two

The Basics..


What kind of stay are you planning?  Are your dates Flexible?

Are you looking to cavort with the locals or be guided on a tour?  Are you traveling during peak season?  Did you even KNOW there was a peak season?? 


Are you sweating yet???  Calm down Pearl..  It's vacation, it's relaxing, we're having FUN! 

Step Three

Pack Your Bags (Try to keep it to one bag, it's cheaper..)


Now that you've got that sorted, you can narrow down which hotel booking site best suits your needs. 


Our faves are listed below, based on price, ease of use, and style of stay.  From couch surfing to luxury hotels, and everything in between! 

Next up.. How to find your cheap flight!


Still one of the biggest and best overall for hotel deals, is part of the Priceline and Kayak family.  Based in Amsterdam with over 1.6 million properties, you'll find one..  They even offer a 'sustainable' option for you tree hugger types.  (Very admirable btw)

Start checking rates a few months in advance if you're traveling during the peak season.  If your dates are flexible, get email updates for the latest deals.

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tripadvisor travel

The most brilliant thing to happen in the  traveling industry to date!  (In our humble opinion

Renting a local flat or apartment, directly from the owner.  Picture this...Business man owns a Paris flat but only sees it twice year on holiday.  YOU my friend can use it at the fraction of a cost of a hotel in the same area!  Go through Tripadvisor and it comes with a payment protection, and a reassurance you're not renting from the local cray cray.. 

Take Flight

The dreaded flight game..  Ever feel like you blink and the prices change online?  Well they do. 

So the good news is, you didn't inherit that crazy gene from your Dad's side. 

Bad news, you need to PAY ATTENTION to avoid paying too much for flights.  

Ever BETTER news, we've narrowed down a few good places to start, with a little extra special advice thrown in..


You dig it, we know.

By now you have an idea of WHEN and WHERE

but you still need to get there.  

1.  Start looking for flights about 2 months before your flexible dates..  Prices will fluctuate for various reasons, (gas prices, who the president is..)  This seems to be a sweet spot, not too far in advance, not last minute.

2.  Flying direct isn't necessarily the cheapest way.  Don't forget to compare near by cities for layovers and indirect flights.  If you're flying to Italy, check the direct prices but then check out flying to France THEN a short flight to Italy.  It pays off A LOT.

3.  Sign up for newsletter alerts from sites like Airfarewatchdog and be amazed!  They keep an eye out for mistakes made by the airlines and other great deals on a daily.  If they Tweet, PAY ATTENTION!  You could be flying to Europe for $150 round trip.

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momondo travel

Always free, this site compiles the best deals around and doesn't use cookies to track your likes.  Which basically translates into incognito browsing and the same price for the same ticket, no adds ons just because it's popular..

Well... It's Cheap!  With a 'flexible dates' option

(so annoying when sites don't offer that) AND a multi-city search, the site is easy to navigate and explore options like indirect flights, to save you some coin.

A Street Style fave with a calendar view and trip finder option, Momondo rounds out the sites we use to compare all the deals.  You can tell them what kind of trip you're looking for, romantic, adventurous..  Then sort by cheapest, warmest, or 'just get out of dodge deals'.  That last one isn't a thing, but it should be!


Packed Yet?

Don't leave yet!  Check out the latest travel resources here

Best Guide Books

Best Tour Companies

Yes, you need some guidance, your mother told us..  Pick up a Lonely Planet book for your trip and you'll be ready to go.  With helpful hints like 'avoid this museum during school tours..' The potential time and money saving advice is totally worth the purchase.

96 countries, 171 cities, 1229 local guides.

Tour a city, with a local by your side.  A couple of hours, or a whole day, but in every case Urban Adventures tours take you to interesting places to experience all things local. 

Travel By Land

Luxury by land anyone?  Travel by train from city to city with a dedicated tour manager.  But not in that 'super annoying, let us tour the city solo', kind of way.. With days off in between and suggested sites, you can still make the trip your own.  From every region across the globe, you can easily find the most amazing trip for you.

Travel Insurance

Yes, you need travel insurance, your mother told us so..

With affordable plans like these, you can't go wrong.  So go bungee-jumping in the Swiss alps, just don't tell your mother.