Why Meditate? What's All The Hype About?

Unless you are an independently wealthy individual living a wonderful life of solitude on an otherwise uninhabited island, chances are you experience some level of stress and anxiety on a daily basis. And if that's true, CAN WE BE FRIENDS?? The majority of us need some HELP to chill out. Stresses from work, money, and relationships issues, every little aspect of life gets overblown to the point where it becomes difficult to function. Sound familiar? What if you could get a reprieve from stress every single day, would you take it?

More and more people are answering YES PLEASE to that question, and are doing so by exploring meditation and the benefits that it delivers. The beauty of meditation is that it is something you can do in just a few minutes each day. Yes, we all have schedules that are busier than ever before, but if we look at our average day closely, we can easily find a block of time where we could be doing something more productive. How much time do you spend checking how many likes your most recent social media post received? And then how much time do you spend worrying why there aren’t more? Stress can often be self-inflicted, and this is just one area where meditation can help.

What You Need To Know

We should start by explaining that there is more than one type of meditation, and it is possible to find one form that works better for you than the others. Doing a little research and due diligence before trying meditation should help you find the method that will deliver the greatest benefit. That said, those benefits tend to be consistent regardless of the type of meditation you try, so let’s get into those so that you can get an idea of why the hype is real.

The most obvious benefit of meditation is that it is an anxiety and stress killer. The brain works in mysterious ways, and it reacts a certain way when anxiety arrives. You have, in your brain, an area known as the Me Center. Neural pathways build up and run a direct route to the Me Center, which is when you start to stress. The more anxiety you experience, the clearer those pathways become. Research and studies have shown that meditation helps to loosen and break down those pathways, meaning you tend to experience less stress and anxiety the more you meditate, as the Me Center becomes much like that island where the wealthy person from the start of this piece has made a home. MIND BLOWN. Basically the more stress and anxiety you let leak into your brain, the faster it gets there next time.. SLOW YOUR ROLL MAN. Carve out some space, and start re-training your brain.

Less anxiety and stress usually means better sleep, which is another major benefit of meditation. All our worries tend to hit hardest when we try to sleep, but remove them, and you will drift off that much faster. Even without improved sleep, meditation helps improve your focus. As you meditate, your mind focuses on blocking out everything around you, and as you improve your technique, you will find that your ability to focus outside of a meditative state becomes that much sharper.

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Meditation comes with a laundry list of mental and physical health benefits, and the beauty here is that you need nothing but time to get started. There are countless meditation apps out there than you can quickly add to your mobile device, making it easier for you to meditate when you get a few free minutes. These apps can help you when you first start meditating, but eventually, you will find that you can reach that glorious state without any prompting. One of my faves is Slumber. They have sleep meditation stories that relax you in about 2 minutes. You'll be dreaming about puppies and kittens in no time.. If you need some guidance on how to get to there, check out Meditation within Eternity. (The Modern Mystics Guide to Gaining Unlimited Spiritual Energy, Accessing Higher Consciousness and Meditation Techniques for Spiritual Growth). No joke, that's the title.. I need to go meditate now..

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