West Elm Style On A Walmart Budget

We all dream of living in the display of a West Elm store, but how many of us can actually afford to pull a room together with those luscious pieces? And it’s totally illegal to hang out past store closing and sleep in their beds, trust us on this one.

west elm acord bed

west elm

They are drool worthy inspirations for sure, and attainable! With a little creative ingenuity you too can live at West Elm. Steal the look, without actually getting arrested. WINNING! All it takes is a little research, price comparing, and maybe some DIY, but trust us, your wallet will thank you. Read on West Elmer..

1. You don't HAVE to have it all

west elm watercolor pillows

west elm watercolor pillows

If you can’t afford the whole she-bang, buy the lamps. Or the pillow, or the art. Whatever you feel will help complete the look and make the biggest impact for the price. Having just a little of the original will help bring the room together. It’s all about combining the elements and ending up with the VIBE of that coveted store…

2. DIY!

There are thousands of tutorials about how to make the perfect headboard, creating your own decorative pieces or that awesome puff you saw at the store for less than half the price! From simple crafts like pillows or decorative cushions to full headboards or bookshelves, with a little patience and research, you'll be able to get the look without breaking the bank. And if you completely suck, just ask somebody on Etsy to make it for you, that works too!

west elm mod plant stand

west elm plant stand $179

etsy plant stand $40

3. Google Photo That Sh#t!

west elm chesterfield

So you’ve stalked the store and crashed their site locating the perfect pieces. Now copy and paste into google and see if there are ‘like’ pieces online. You might find other Elm stalkers have done the work for you and located a look-a-like for less coin.

4. Walmart Is No Joke! Don't Be A Snob...

You can shop by room inspirations or style, like little Mr. Chesterfield sofa right here...

walmart chesterfield sofa

This is not the Walmart website of yesteryear. They sell their own products AND everyone

else's it seems.

So seriously get your style board inspiration together and peruse their massive inventory. You get the benefit of their HUGE buying power and ability to offer amazing discounts.

5. Flea market Finds

west elm mod wood chair

West Elm Mod Chair

If you fell in love with something you saw, just keep your eyes open. There's no shame in stalking their website until next season and praying it goes on Clearance. That sweet little mod chair sells for around $500. BUT we picked up THIS baby for $10. (Einstein was extra)

west elm style, walmart budget mod chair

Flea markets offer a wide variety of surprises just waiting to be repainted, refinished, and brought back to life. And sometimes they're just perfect..like Einstein.

Today’s modern pieces are usually a spinoff of the original. Find the original, and your space just became cool and eclectic without spending a fortune.

Basically, if you’re smart and savvy and patient, you’ll pull it together!

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