Things I Wish Somebody Told Me BEFORE the Wedding

Yooo Miss rainbows and unicorns, come down from that cloud for a beat and listen up.. Most of us picture our new amazing life together, well just AMAZING. And that's what everybody tells you..

REALITY CHECK- Marriage is tad bit more... complex? But don't panic, breathe, (or get some Xanax), and let's get down to business.. Every union is unique, and with a little guidance from those-who-have-gone-before-you, it's going to be OK!

The Every Day is Hard, Especially When They're Super Annoying

Marriage isn't one of your romance novels. There are boring, leave me alone, please go out with your friends, days.. Ordinary days.. Days when you are just not gellin' and that's ok. Learn to roll with it and let that shit go...Because tomorrow they'll make you laugh til you pee, and you won't want to miss that.

Marriage stress every day

You're Gonna Argue, It's Ok..

In fact, it's healthy. What's NOT healthy is holding that against your mate for all time. You'll fight, and make up, and fight again.. This shit is emotional, you're both human. And one or both of you may be a girl... which apparently adds to the drama. (We doubt this data for obvious reasons)

Listen, do you want to be RIGHT, or HAPPY? Ask yourself that very important question when your stubborn self says 'don't back down..'

How important is this argument anyway?

You're Not Alone

Aweeeee how sweet.. Mostly. You have a partner now Miss Independent. Remember to consider them and try not to hoard all the decision making, yes?? You're tendency is going to be to stay in wedding mode. Be very mindful of this and listen every once in a while..

You Need to Take Responsibility

You just became a grownup my friend.. This is the real deal and should be treated as such. Marriage isn't always glamorous but success IS up to you. It all comes down to perspective. Don't be so quick to react with emotions, step back, look up once in awhile.

If you're not allergic to self-help guides, this one by Dr. Sue Johnson will do ya right. The title is going to make you roll your eyes, but it provides total relationship insight. If you're interested in that kind of thing, Miss Independent.

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"

-Wayne Dryer

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