The Magic Trick To Cure Your Pre-Wedding Anxiety AND Get Some Sleep..

So you’re engaged, congrats! You envisioned the planning process to be all rainbows and unicorns, am I right? Cake tasting and honeymoon location perusing.. Good times! Then reality sets in. Your FMIL is refusing to attend the nuptials if her ex-husband is there, and your bridesmaids have way too many opinions about their dresses and only care about the bachelorette in Vegas. The trick to dealing with all the stress and pre-wedding anxiety is SLEEP my dear. You can’t think straight or function properly without it. You’re going to lose your shit on your maid of honor and it’s NOT going to be pretty.

It’s a vicious cycle when you can’t relax and sleep, you become more anxious and then have a harder time regulating that emotion, thus continuing the cycle and getting no sleep! So what’s a gal to do to get some shuteye...?

Take a deep breath and follow these go-to’s for some much needed Zzz.

The last one is like a magic trick!!

Hide Your Clock/Phone/Alarm

If you have an alarm clock that you constantly look at (or phone) as you lie awake at night, it’s time to hide it! When you constantly check it, you are only stressing yourself out even more.

If you find yourself awake all night, then jolted out of bed when the alarm does go off, try a silent one! It's seriously amazing.. It wakes you up slowly with a flashing light only THEN followed by an alarm if you still need motivation. This one is my favorite, it's been around for decades and it's super cute and retro. They've redesigned it with a USB so you can charge your phone. Just move it away from the bed!

moonbeam alarm clock

Cooler Temps

Bet you didn’t know that your internal body temperature is key to regulating your biological body clock so by cooling your room, you’ll be able to cue your brain that it’s time to sleep!

Warm Shower Before Bedtime

Another way to cool down your body before bed is by taking a warm shower and then stepping into cooler air, which causes your body temperature to drop. This temperature decrease will slow your metabolism faster and prepares your body for sleep.

Drum Roll Please!

The “4-7-8” Breathing Method

People swear by the “4-7-8” breathing technique that’s supposed to make you fall asleep in under a minute! It relaxes you by increasing your blood stream’s amount of oxygen, thus slowing your heart rate and releasing more carbon dioxide form your lungs.

To do it, place the tip of your tongue up against the ridge of tissue right behind your upper front teeth. Keep it there the entire time. Exhale through your mouth and make a whoosh sound. Now close your mouth and inhale quietly via your nose and count to four in your head. Hold your breath for seven counts before exhaling through your mouth (making that whoosh sound) and mentally counting to eight. Repeat for three more times!

BOOM.. Lights OUT.

bride sleeping no anxiety about wedding

Watch the video for a demonstration and try it TODAY! You can practice it anywhere and it helps lower your anxiety almost immediately.. It's basically a yogi breathing technique and helps get you to a naturally relaxed, meditative state. And you probably need some relaxation right about now..Yes??

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