Rental Hacks, How to Decorate Without Getting Evicted..

Ahh rental life.... A stale white box the void of all personality and taste that cannot be altered for fear of losing your security deposit. What exactly is your landlord afraid of?? He/she should PAY YOU to improve the dump, can I get an A-MEN?..

small apartment

If this is your first place, you're bursting to make it your own. Not to worry.. living in a rented apartment actually has its perks when it comes to interior design. You can add your flare and personality AND get your deposit back when he refuses to fix the drafty windows... Isn't renting FUN?

Take a look at our tips and tricks to make the most out of your rental apartment without breaking the bank.

1. Improve window covers.

rental apartment curtains

If your home or apartment has curtains or shades, you can easily replace them with a new color, pattern or fabric to make them pop and instantly give a whole new look to the room. For a cheaper alternative, go straight for a bolt of fabric and double-sided tape rather than pre-made drapes.

2. Shelves are your friend

Holes in walls are to be kept at a minimum my friend.. Instead of hanging pictures on every ugly flat surface, try floating shelves and change out your decor at will.

3. Go for Washi Tape

apartment decor washi tape

Photo courtesy apartment therapy

This chemical-free tape is not just for kids. Washi tape is a perfect solution to add an accent of color to any surface without leaving a trace. A fun DIY job is creating patterns on a wall to make your own wallpaper or making a wall gallery using it as a frame!

4. Sneak in some peel and stick wallpaper

wayfair wallpaper

Thanks to new technologies, you can use "temporary" wallpapers that can easily be installed and uninstalled from any surface you want, having a variety of colors and affordable prices that can stick to your budget. It's just like playing with a giant sticker! You can use it for accent walls, feature walls, or even in the kitchen back-splash to change its design in a dramatic way.

You can even use stainless-steel contact paper!

Use it to freshen up old looking electrical appliances of your kitchen (Well, not actually your kitchen). Just make sure the brand is removable before you go slapping it on every surface..

home depot stainless steel contact paper

5. Create new rooms WITHOUT using walls

If painting the walls is out of the equation, changing the layout of the apartment is definitely a no-go. But hey! You can still divide and create rooms by separating them with stylish room dividers to create an office, studio, or a place for the kids to play. With this feature, you can combine or extend any section of your house in just seconds!

6. Don't like the flooring of your apartment? We've got you covered!

apartment rugs layered

Photo courtesy of roselawnlutheran

"Changing" the flooring of your apartment can be a little trickier than decorating the walls. There are some methods to conceal an ugly ceramic floor or scratched wood parquet, and the easiest way to do change the whole look and feel of your home without hiring a professional is using rugs.

Are you covered wall-to-wall already? Nobody says you can't add another rug! Layering area rugs on top of existing carpet is A-OK. Not to mention cozier in the chillier months.

So go make that sad little place sing with personality! It might even cheer up your landlord..

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