How to Wow Your Vows (And Not Sound Like An Ass-Hat In The Process)

Weddings are beautiful and great fun, at least for the guests! It’s an occasion that celebrates the love between two people who have decided to walk together for the rest of their life. NOT STRESSFUL AT ALL.... A wedding is all about the couple and their story; marking the beginning of their ‘happily ever after’. Oh good god.

writing wedding vows

So much to do, loads to organize, innumerable tasks to be completed and the most stressful THE WEDDING VOWS!

Yes, it’s not as romantic as the movies make it look, at least not til the wedding day when you deliver those sweet words to your honey. But how to begin? Writing your wedding vows can be great pressure, especially when you are only good with expressing your feelings after a few glasses of bubbly.

Don’t stress! There is a very simple solution to wow your vows. You may have heard it a million times but it’s true- just let your feelings flow! Even if you're a bride who does not like too much mush or hates the idea of ‘moving the guests to tears’, it’s okay you can still do this. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Chill, reflect

Just spend a little time with your feelings. What is it about that hunk of love that gets you going? What is it about your partner that you appreciate, how do you picture your future? Just let it flow sista'..

  • Pen to paper

After reflecting comes the time to write down the first draft. Just pour out all your feelings onto paper. Unorganized is ok!

  • Take Inspiration

Google always comes to the rescue! Just search for some inspiration. The idea is not to copy but be inspired to better structure your vows.

  • The final Draft

Don't try too hard to make it funny or romantic, that will just come naturally, don't force the outcome. Just write with a natural flair, if something funny comes with the flow, great but don’t add the pressure.

The point is dear bride, there is no right or wrong, must or must not here; as long as you are writing and speaking every word from your heart and with conviction, it’s perfect!

happy wedding couple

And, hey if you are still not sure what to say, don’t underestimate the power of ‘I Love You’ and ‘I Do’. Relax and enjoy this time.

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