You WANT to go Glamping On Your Honeymoon...See why! (It's not what you think)

Alllll right.. HE suggested CAMPING for your honeymoon and you withheld sex for a week.. Honeymoons are supposed to be romantically EPIC, which typically does NOT include peeing in the woods, can I get a high-five girls?? Chances are, you've heard of 'Glamping' but you probably assumed it was invented by some dude trying to lure his girlfriend into a tiny tent three days from the nearest hair dryer. You're picturing that and starting to hyperventilate, I know, I know, stay with me.. Glamping, however, is not a conspiracy to see if you're down with eating bark for dinner, we promise. So stop pouting and PAY ATTENTION!

Yurt, portugal honeymoon

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First thing's first... If he LOVES CAMPING and he knows you would rather stick a s'more in your eye, suggest GLAMPING. You're going to spin it as a 'compromise'... yes? YES. Now.. Moving on to how this is really going down and what kind of AMAZING honeymoon you're in for. Glamping is a mix of the great outdoors AND a luxury hotel! It's star gazing with your lovey AND clean linens! It's coffee over a campfire AND concierge services!

You can pick your dream location like Thailand, New Zealand, Portugal, or closer to home. There are locations all over the world and for EVERY budget. Hell, pick two or three places to visit and let him pick the tepee, tree house, yurt, or airstream of his dreams... You really can't go wrong. Sites like make it super easy to put together the trip of your dreams, and he can still tinkle amongst the trees if he really wants to. Hey, you're marrying him..

Airstream honeymoon trailer

The Airstream Dream in Maremma Toscana, Italy

The legend lives..from $59. a night. Enjoy wine country and great food from this love nest. All the comforts of home surrounded by Um... Did we mention ITALY??

Honeymoon dome and hottub

The Dream Dome in New Brunswick, Canada

From $123. a night, and all the entertain you need right outside your dome. On 185 acres of wild forest, not to mention the wood-fired Japanese hot tub.. Only the squirrels are watching.

Honeymoon treehouse thailand

The Cottage In The Sky in Northern Thailand

Yeah.. that's not something you see every day. EPIC honeymoon remember? Watch elephants frolic in their natural habitat, but save time for a massage and dip in the hot tub before dinner. Starting at $2,340. a night, this excursion is on the higher end, but go big or go home, right? Only, you won't want to. Like ever.

Speaking of going big... Why not turn one of these adventures INTO the WEDDING? Destination weddings/mini elopements are all the rage for a reason. Save your coin and go over the top on your GLamorous GLamping GETaway! Yeah.. we went there, now GO there!!

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