10 Healthiest Human Foods Your Pup Can Chow Down On

Our furry family members are usually found begging at the table, lips smackin and eyes WIDE.

Sooo not kidding... (That's the little bugger there.)

dog begging for food

But what's safe to give them straight from the fridge? When your dog means more than anything in the world, you naturally want to give them the best in everything. Human food isn’t always good for dogs and can actually do more harm than good. But despite a long list of harmful foods you are probably well aware of, you can give your dog a few healthy human foods like:


Many dog treats nowadays contain yogurt, which is an excellent source of protein for dogs. Just be sure to use Greek yogurt since those high in sugar and preservatives are bad for your pooch.

Peanut Butter

As a good source of protein and fiber for your dog, a tablespoon of peanut butter on your dog’s dry food is a great treat! Just be sure to pick one that’s all natural and doesn’t contain any xylitol since it’s dangerous for dogs so read the label!


If you love salmon, you can give some to your dog since its omoega-3 fatty acids are great for their coat and skin, providing them with a healthy dose of protein.

Lean Proteins

And speaking of proteins, you can give Fido lean proteins like beef, turkey and chicken, which are most likely present in their food anyways. Just don’t give it to them when it’s cooked with oils, wines or strange veggies!

Rice and Pasta

Your dog will love rice and pasta just as much as you do! Whole wheat options are a great source of energy for your fur baby, but don’t feed them any sauces!


A healthy snack that dogs love is some cut up apples, which are great ways to give them vitamins A and C.

Pumpkin and Sweet Potatoes

Your pup’s digestive system will get on track thanks to sweet potatoes and pumpkin, which are filled with vitamin A and beta carotene. You can also get chewy treats made from dried sweet potatoes.

Our dogs love these and it keeps them busy for a minute and a half..

Only Natural Pet sweet potato chews

If you're feeling even more ambitious, you can make the dried sweets.


Give your pup low-calorie nutrients with peas since they provide extra potassium for them.


Your dog can eat cheese in small amounts, just as long as they aren’t lactose intolerant, which is rare!


Give Fido a healthy breakfast with some eggs since they provide a wonderful source of protein and can help with upset stomachs!

If you have any concerns about your dog's specific digestive health make sure to ask your vet first! Some furry kids may have allergies to certain foods, just like people..

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