How to Mix Patterns, Like A Boss..

Just as we mix materials and different colors to create the palette and identity of a room, the patterns and prints can be combined in a thousand different ways to give personality and style to any room, taking its design from boring to the next level.

johnathan adler patterns decor

As impressive as they may seem, we shouldn't be afraid to use these striking prints in the design of our rooms and living spaces. If you are a fan of bold patterns but have no idea how to incorporate them into your decor, here are a few tips for you to get started.


Patterns decor mix

Photo Courtesy of Splendidsass

Use large-scaled, colorful and eccentric patterns of your taste to spice up your decoration without going over the top. If you're uncertain of where and how to place the patterns, start by adding them to your cushions or blankets to add a touch of fun without being to eccentric. The bolder the pattern you use, the easier it will be to mix up the overall decor of the space.

Mixing patterns like a BOSS

How to combine different prints to achieve greatness

Sometimes we look at magazines and think: how on earth did they mix so many different patterns and achieved an effortless and pull together result?!" Well, we asked ourselves the same question and it led us to this conclusion on how to mix patterns like a pro:

By color palette: Pick a color palette and stick to it. This will help you out matching patterns with different motifs that have one of the predominant color or hue you previously selected, creating a collage of textures that looks funky and cohesive. Another great and bold idea is to spice things up creating contrasting compositions like red and blue, pink or green, etc. Always focus on the color, not the print.

By motif: Stripes, dots, animal print, you name it! When matching patterns by its design the key is to keep the main subject always in mind. If you decide to combine different motifs, use only two bold patterns in a balanced way. Tropical prints and stripes work beautifully to create an edgy and bold look.

How and where should I use patterns?

The patterns you choose should reflect your personality and the style you want to reflect in your design. Bright colors for a fun and eclectic room, a combination of blue and greens for a peaceful bedroom or a bold and striking combination of animal print with stripes, the choice is yours! Once you have figured out which patterns you like best, you need to be very careful when deciding in which room and size you're going to place them.

modern living room patterns

Photo Courtesy of via Pinterest

Scale: Scale refers to the size of the pattern itself, the larger the scale the bigger the shapes or motives of the wallpaper or design. To achieve perfect balance between different patters you need to give each of them a different scale, using a larger size for the dominant pattern (i.e. the one placed on a wall), and a smaller scale for the ones used in cushions, rugs, etc.

Size of the room: The size of the room will determine the scale on the pattern. Extremely large motifs don't look good on small rooms like bathrooms or a small bedroom. Large surfaces, like a feature wall, are great for placing large-scaled patterns.

A fabulous example of a bathroom mixing a small-scaled pattern with a medium sized.

small bathroom decor patterns

Photo Courtesy of Caitlinwilsondesign

Bottom Line..... Go For It!

Keep these helpful tips in mind and always have fun experimenting and creating your own combinations. If it doesn't look bad to you, it's working!

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