Dog Meets Boyfriend, Dog Hates Boyfriend. RED FLAG.. (Maybe) How to Introduce Your Dog to Your New G

So you're serious about Mr. Gorg but he needs to pass the pooch test, am I right?? You can tell yourself it doesn't matter, but deep down you know it does! You want your best furry friend to love this guy that you 'might'. kinda love too.. And you definitely want new guy to dig your dog and not be Mr. Jealous because Cuddles sleeps on the bed. And they say DOG'S KNOW.. SO you WANT TO KNOW.

Does He Pass The Pooch Test?

suspicious dog

And if he doesn't, is that a MAJOR RED FLAG? Is your best friend sniffing out his true character? He's a cheater and only Fido can tell?? Calm down Pearl, we'll walk you through some 'TELLS' to see if Mr. Perfect passes.

1. The Initial Meet and Greet

You know your pup best, is he weary of strangers usually? Some dogs are just innately big babies so ANY initial meet and greet is awkward. Just because you want your dog to jump into Mr. Handsome's arms and gaze lovingly into his eyes, doesn't mean that's your dog's MO. Give everybody some breathing room and time to smell each other. (Dogs and guys are just weird..)

A little positive reinforcement is ALWAYS a good idea. Use some training treats and give your pup one with every positive interaction. Lots of GOOD BOY/GIRL!! So they associate that with Mr. Hottie.

2. Everybody is Nervous

Remember, your new guy KNOWS this is test.. He might overcompensate by trying to get your dog to like him right off the bat. Your dog may sense this and back off. Just remind him to CHILL. Playing with a new dog can be tricky if you don't know his/her personality. My girl Stella is a terrier.. (That's her, in her 'Harvard' sweater)

stella the dog

She's a great 'chase me chase me!' girl, BUT not on a first date... Don't walk in the door and chase her around the living room unless you want your ears to bleed from the little dog Napoleon-complex barking.

3. Do Something

Let them visit in a neutral environment. Go for a walk if that's your fur-baby's favorite thing to do. Go to a park and have them play catch. Awe.. look how cute they are together. You're already planning the family photos with Santa.. We know you!! Have your babe be the one to introduce the new toy/ball, another positive association.

4. What Your Dog is Thinking

Basically, 'who is this douche-bag?' Moving in on my Alpha.. Hey! That's MY spot on the sofa!!

Most likely your dog's radar isn't telling him 'this guy is BAD NEWS'. He's adjusting, with a tinge of jealousy thrown in. You are their whole world and now it's being disrupted.. Just give them time and let them get used to the idea. You can explain things to Mr. Hot Pants, but not your dog. Just let them decide when the time is right to fall in love, just like you did. And by now, you won't need your dog to tell you if this guy is a chump or not.. You'll know if he fits into your little family or not.

little dog

Next up... Introducing YOUR DOG to HIS CAT?? Yikes.

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