Confessions of a Non-Bridal Bride...

So you're not the pink and frilly kind eh? One of the greatest misconceptions is that EVERY girl dreams of the long veil and organza dress, flowers, music and all that DRAMA! Yes, there are some unconventional and pretty unique brides that do find this all a big, unnecessary drama.


It’s not like these non-brides are anti-marriage, they just don’t get what all the fuss is about. Isn’t the point of a wedding to celebrate the union of two people? Does it need to turn into a circus and you're the dancing bear? NO.

So this one’s for all those who hate weddings, or at least the pomp and circumstance of it.. If you are one of those unique brides, you'll relate to some of these confessions:

I just want a City Hall wedding and maybe like 5 people..

Yeah, we get it... Why spend your life’s savings on booking a lavish venue and invite people who are there just for the open bar? Let’s keep it simple and then splurge on your future, or even better a lavish honeymoon.

It's all about ME... Just elope and make no apologies, well maybe a few..

City Hall too much? Elope!! Far from the camera flashes and smiling crowd- and be with the only person that matters! Family going to be pissed? How about an intimate destination wedding? You CAN do this!

Bridal Showers, Wedding Favors, Registries, FML...

Yes, 'wedding' is one little word but it's surrounded by lots of other decisions that need to be made. Just keep in mind YOU control this. You may have to constantly rein in your mother but this is your day. Keep it simple if that's what makes you happy. Change the rules if you need to!

hipster bride

I cannot stand the idea of wearing that ‘I-can’t even-breathe’ white gown!

Aah! The wedding dress… not your fancy huh? These days, anything goes so don't over think it... If you are a non-bridal bride, chances are nobody is going to be shocked by your decision to wear a non-traditional gown or fancy pants suit. Plus a few gasps as you enter wouldn't hurt anyway..

Throw your own Bridal Fashion Show at home and skip the Salon. Our new favorite online bridal store, BHLDN, (Owned by Anthropologie, so you know they're cool..) let's you buy and try the dresses (or pantsuits) on at home!!

Being non-bridal may not be for the faint of heart, you will have friends and family telling you all the time about how it ‘should’ be. But it's YOUR wedding day, just keep reminding everybody else of that!

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