If Audrey Hepburn Was A Living Room...

The epitome of glamour, and one of the most relevant style icon of old Hollywood. Her elegance and poise transcended all boundaries and inspired thousands of women to imitate and portray her classy and elegant style; now lets make her proud and bring that style home...

hollywood glam deisgn

Photo Kme Homes

The image or Audrey Hepburn was always surrounded by a decor and interior that reflected her elegance and good taste. If you're a fan of her classical and feminine style, good news! We have some great tips to capture the essence of Audrey Hepburn and translate it into beautiful interior design.

Where to start?

The key to achieving a great "Audrey Hepburn style" is balance and contrast, so matching quirky and whimsical pieces with neutral furniture would definitely make things pop. The idea is to combine eye-catching pieces such as animal print carpets with bold colors, using furniture with simple lines and minimalist aesthetic to give a modern twist.

Eye-catching palette

In terms of color, start with a light palette as a base, especially for small rooms to increase the brightness and spaciousness. Use tones such as dusty blue, pale pink, white or beige in walls and furniture, keeping in mind that colorful details like cushions, a piece of furniture or art displays. (You can never go wrong with a black and white picture of Audrey!) Don't be afraid to use bold patterns like stripes or polka dots! Mixing simple patterns with cheerful colors will make your decoration a true original design that shows your personality and taste.

audrey hepburn design

Glam-it-up with thick fabrics and rich textiles

Coziness is key, so always incorporate heavy textiles like blankets or carpets to add a little warmth to any room. Think of light and fluffy textures for your bed or a stylish and elegant blanket to use while you watch Netflix as a real glamorous Hollywood star.

cozy bedroom

Photo homedsgn.com

Elegant and Unexpected details

Femininity is always present in the outfits and style of this amazing icon, it should not be missing in the decor of your room! Details like delicate flowers will make any room transform immediately to a very feminine. Aesthetically, unexpected details like golden frames or metallic edges on romantic pieces of furniture add a great touch of personality to your design, keeping it elegant and always interesting.


Audrey's character, Holly Golightly was fascinated with Tiffany's and all it's extravagant decor and opulence. You can bring that esthetic home... Try combining elements like French chandeliers from thrift stores with classic furniture pieces like tufted sofas or arm chairs. Remember to always keep it simple and use a light colored palette to make the atmosphere feel light and modern.

We're pretty sure Audrey would approve of this...

Photo: Homegoods

It's a perfect example of how to combination of all the elements mentioned above to achieve a gorgeous and glamorous Audrey space. The golden details, beautiful and rich textiles, a delicate palette mixed with a interesting patterns to wrap everything together.

As our muse used to say: "Elegance is the only beauty that never fades".

-Audrey Hephurn

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